SLAC Video: Accelerating Particles with Plasma (featuring Mike and Mark)

SLAC Video: Plasma wakefield acceleration: How it works (featuring Mike's voice)

SLAC Video: Plasma wakefield acceleration with positrons: How it works

SciTechNow (PBS, Hari Srinivasan) interview with Mike and Mark

Science of SLAC public lecture series featuring Mark Hogan—
Surf’s up at SLAC: Accelerating particles on waves of plasma


Nature Podcast interview with Mike about electron PWFA
[Skip to 13:26, Electron surfing]

Nature Podcast discussion of positron PWFA
[Skip to 14:35, Plasma particle accelerator]


Cover art of V. 515, No. 7525, of Nature
(co-designed by Mike, accompanies Mike’s article on electron PWFA at FACET)

AMA on reddit with Mike and Spencer

Our research featured in the webcomic SMBC

DOE Snapshots of the year in energy 2012: 12 awesome photos from 2012
(Mike is featured in photo #3)


SLAC press release

Nature Index (singles out our article as a major contributor to Stanford’s ranking)

Nature News & Views column

Science news column

Vice: Motherboard (features interview with Mike)

NSF Discoveries page

LA Times (features interview with Mike & Mark)

Symmetry Magazine (features interview with Mike)

Nature News & Views column (positron PWFA)