Curriculum Vitae


July 2010 – Oct. 2014 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford, CA

Postdoctoral Research Associate

(Guided by Dr. Mark Hogan)
Oct. 2010 International School for Linear Colliders, Villars, Switzerland

Hosted by CERN
June 2010 U.S. Particle Accelerator School, Boston, MA

Hosted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jan. 2010 – May 2010 Michigan State University VUBeam Online Graduate Particle Accelerator Education Program
July 2003 – May 2010 Boston University, Boston, MA

Ph.D. in Physics (Experimental Neutrino and Proton Decay Particle Physics)

Dissertation: A Search For Dinucleon Decay Into Kaons Using The Super-Kamiokande Water Cherenkov Detector

(Guided by Prof. Ed Kearns, Boston University)
Sep. 1998 – June 2003 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

B.S. in Physics

Additional Major in East Asian Languages & Culture (Japanese)


Nov. 2014 – Present Associate Staff Scientist (continuing appointment)
July 2010 – Oct. 2014 Postdoctoral Research Associate

Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experimental Tests (FACET) Department of the Accelerator Directorate

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA

Supervisor: Dr. Mark Hogan

Activities: • Contributing member of SLAC/UCLA/Univ. of Oslo/École Polytechnique/Tsinghua Univ. Plasma Wakefield Acceleration (PWFA) experimental collaboration

• Contributing member of SLAC/UCLA/Strathclyde Univ./Univ. of Hamburg/RadiaBeam Technologies under-dense plasma cathode (Trojan Horse) high-brightness beam injection experimental collaboration

• Coordinator and participant in all plasma experiments at FACET, including electron PWFA, positron PWFA, hollow channel PWFA, plasma phase contrast imaging, self-phase modulation instability, beam ionization plasma injection, and laser ionization plasma injection

• First experimental demonstration of a high-gradient, high-efficiency plasma wakefield accelerator for electrons (first author, cover of Nature)

• Experimental discovery of a new regime for plasma wakefield acceleration of positrons (published in Nature)

• Achievement of world's highest energy gain for an electron beam (9 GeV) in a beam-driven or laser-driven plasma wakefield accelerator

• Experimental demonstration of beam-loading physics in a plasma wakefield accelerator

• Experimental demonstration of self-modulation instability in a long electron beam traveling through an under-dense plasma

• Experimental demonstration of energy doubling of an electron beam in a high-ionization potential gas

• Experimental demonstration of a positron beam-driven hollow channel plasma wakefield accelerator

• Experimental demonstration of low-emittance, ionization injected electrons in a plasma wakefield accelerator

• Primary participant and analysis leader for plasma wakefield acceleration experiments at FACET

• Co-developed and demonstrated electro-optic sampling diagnostic for temporal profiling of femtosecond electron beam

• Co-developed and demonstrated longitudinal phase space tomographic technique for electron beam

• Co-developed and demonstrated betatron radiation transverse and spectral profile monitor

• Co-developed and demonstrated plasma phase contrast imaging diagnostic

• Experimental coordinator for FACET 10 Terawatt laser system

• System Laser Safety Officer for FACET

• Project manager for experimental plasma vacuum chamber ($0.5M)

• Project co-manager for FACET 10 Terawatt Laser System ($2.5M)

• Project manager for FACET X-Band Transverse Deflector RF Structure ($2M)

• Mentor role to Stanford University graduate students

• Supervisor role to SLAC undergraduate summer student
July 2003 – May 2010 Research Assistant at Boston University, Boston, MA

Advisor: Prof. Ed Kearns

Activities: • Contributing member of Super-Kamiokande and T2K experimental collaborations

• Established first experimental limit of dinucleon decay into kaons (listed in PDG)

• First dinucleon decay analysis with a water Cherenkov detector

• Developed experimental electronics monitor system (hardware & software)

• Developed first multivariate analysis for Super-Kamiokande

• Developed first multi-vertex event fitter for Super-Kamiokande

• Participant in upgrades and maintenance of the Super-Kamiokande Large Water Cherenkov Detector

• Participant in experimental shifts at Super-Kamiokande

• Participant in detector R&D studies at the 1kTon water Cherenkov detector at KEK

• Developed Geant4 Monte-Carlo simulation of muon range detector and fine grain scintillator particle tracking detector

• Teaching assistant in physics department of Boston University

• Writer and performer of touring physics demonstration show for high-school students